1. i need to calm down
  2. some people need to shut the fuck up
  3. ux is amazing
  4. ux is hell too
  5. working in teams is the worst part
  6. i’m still struggling not to eat my weight in sweets and to not painting my hands (what, i do that once i get nervous)
  7. i want to volunteer for the bleach festival. in australia. easy, innit?


this post kind of resumes those last days – kind of hazily, tough. mainly for keeping my wp blog up and running, nothing to write home about, i assure you.

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still kind of astonished.




ruby on rails.

do you want to know what’s going to derail? my brain.

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[8tracks width="300" height="250" playops="" url="http://8tracks.com/mixes/1872123"]

i thought i had fucked up the exam so badly that i’d be spitting blood for the next three weeks, but it looks like i managed to grab a “you did well enough”, so I’m half celebrating and hald throwing up inside of me because I HATE NOT UNDERSTANDING A SUBJECT; I HATE FEELING STUPID; I HATE NOT PAYING ATTENTION I CLASS BECAUSE I HAVE THE ATTENTION SPAN OF A GOLD FISH.

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yesterday was rather strange. i cried a bit, i laughed a lot. i still don’t know why, but i felt kind of useless – worse, i felt kind of my help wasn’t really welcome. like. now that i’m putting this black on why it does sound silly but. it just kind of threw my off.

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grrrrrr – i was writing a meaningless update that will take twice as long because my window closed for no apparent reason

  • boring class is boring. knowledge organization is also VERY important and i’m not listening a word of it.¬†
  • where do people buy the brain-mouth filter? do they grow it themselves? i need one, dammn it!
  • can’t wait to listen to my first bbc radio 1’s breakfast show – people say is sooo good!
  • my tiny apartment it’s so pretty and organized and full of light!
  • i’m waiting for some mails and it’s killing me
  • ¬†boooooooooored.
  • and anxious.
  • seriously bored.
  • how am i going to pass the exam?!