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i thought i had fucked up the exam so badly that i’d be spitting blood for the next three weeks, but it looks like i managed to grab a “you did well enough”, so I’m half celebrating and hald throwing up inside of me because I HATE NOT UNDERSTANDING A SUBJECT; I HATE FEELING STUPID; I HATE NOT PAYING ATTENTION I CLASS BECAUSE I HAVE THE ATTENTION SPAN OF A GOLD FISH.

i’m paying for this fucking master, THERE FORE I WANT TO GET THE PERFECT EDUCATION.

Ok, it’s finished, knowledge organization is over AND I’M HUNGRY.

the rest of the world can go fuck itself.


(also, i don’t want to be the friend everyone goes to tell them their problems, i have my own, i can give you some piece of advice, but go fight your own battles, i’m behind you 100% but I?M NOT FIGHTING THEM FOR YOU.



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