woah there

#1 CMS’ class – it’s all about boring uni stuff, darlings

we’re using drupal gardens – dear lord, it’s like playing with dolls again, i kind of love it.

dunno how to use xampp properly though. also, the different programming languages are a tad overwhelming (how many, what about knowing them)?!

Also, yesterday I decided that I wanted to have a pity party so I googled “twenty-something programmer” and everyone and their dog shared the opinion that you have to shed tears of blood and ‘maybe mistaken but never in doubt’ and also ‘oh yes you can achieve it through hard work but it’s kind of magical too so you can work for years and achieving nil and you can start tomorrow and be the Next Big Thing’.

basically: i’m betting a lot over this and i’m scared shitless it’s just another of my famous flights of fancy that won’t last too much.

also, i decided that i can’t keep on thinking like this any more: i’ve decided to just ignore my doubts and fake a student’s attitude i usually don’t have. maybe if i believe that i’m the wiz kid i’ll eventually become one.



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