still kind of astonished.




ruby on rails.

do you want to know what’s going to derail? my brain.

i’m astonished by all the things i don’t know and i need a freaking wifi-connection because i. need. internet. for. studying. 

for the first time in my life, ladies and gents: not for tumblr, who cares about fb, pinterest who arst thou. i need wifi for l e a r n i n g.

on an happier note, drupalgardens is soooooooo cute. and easy to customize. it’s like playing with dolls all over again. (truth to be told, i don’t have the slightest idea of what i’m doing, just messing around doing silly things) shame is, my laptop screen is too small and it’s driving me insane. damn, i want and enormous pc that weighs nothing – and i hate dat damn apple, but it does come handy when you need a big shiny screen.

but the glances from my colleagues are getting weirder by the minute, let’s go launch another research on apache and stop typing so loudly, now, shall we?


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