this post kind of resumes those last days – kind of hazily, tough. mainly for keeping my wp blog up and running, nothing to write home about, i assure you.

i spent some days back home. not really home, though. mainly back with my family. it was ok, kind of crazy as always is with one’s family. but…

but once i stepped down from the train, once i got back to my apartment… well, i kind of thought ‘now i’m back home’. i was so afraid of starting this master, of jumping again in New Big And Shiny Things. but i got accustomed sooo quickly, i fell in love with this city so thoroughly… and this master is so full of inspiring thoughts and challenging things and woah. i don’t want to stop yet. i want to keep on working and learning and i kind of hit the ground running but it was such an intense experience. 

and even though i really should learn how to work in a team and how to bear with other people… well, i still like it. also, UX is the shit maaaan, my prof is kind of amazing, really. also, i can’t wait to learn How To Do Things. photoshop, illustrator, muse, and microsoft web matrix and… so many things to do, so little time.

/on a side note, i seriously should stop eating so much. and spending. and i seriously need to get my driving license. also, lisbon kind of always manages to end up in my dashboard, i’m astonished. i miss portugal, and i’d lik to have my second chance, but it was soooo far away, and i was so dependent of people… i’m still kind of wary about the city. meh./



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