1. i need to calm down
  2. some people need to shut the fuck up
  3. ux is amazing
  4. ux is hell too
  5. working in teams is the worst part
  6. i’m still struggling not to eat my weight in sweets and to not painting my hands (what, i do that once i get nervous)
  7. i want to volunteer for the bleach festival. in australia. easy, innit?

still kind of astonished.




ruby on rails.

do you want to know what’s going to derail? my brain.

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[8tracks width="300" height="250" playops="" url="http://8tracks.com/mixes/1872123"]

i thought i had fucked up the exam so badly that i’d be spitting blood for the next three weeks, but it looks like i managed to grab a “you did well enough”, so I’m half celebrating and hald throwing up inside of me because I HATE NOT UNDERSTANDING A SUBJECT; I HATE FEELING STUPID; I HATE NOT PAYING ATTENTION I CLASS BECAUSE I HAVE THE ATTENTION SPAN OF A GOLD FISH.

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grrrrrr – i was writing a meaningless update that will take twice as long because my window closed for no apparent reason

  • boring class is boring. knowledge organization is also VERY important and i’m not listening a word of it. 
  • where do people buy the brain-mouth filter? do they grow it themselves? i need one, dammn it!
  • can’t wait to listen to my first bbc radio 1’s breakfast show – people say is sooo good!
  • my tiny apartment it’s so pretty and organized and full of light!
  • i’m waiting for some mails and it’s killing me
  •  boooooooooored.
  • and anxious.
  • seriously bored.
  • how am i going to pass the exam?!

musings of an islander

let’s get our facts straight: i love this city. i love this master. i’m having fun, i’m starting to find my sea legs, i’m being all independent and wise and basically i get to work a lot. even if i’m not being paid, i feel all useful and i get to learn for my older.

thing is.

i kind of miss my family, and my family sorts of misses me. who am i kidding? i miss way too much my gramps, and my mom, and the gaggle of my little cousins, and i have to take that damn driving license exam too. 

but. there’s a fucking sea in the middle of my life and all my working revolves around its existence. i have to literally juggle three different means of transportation every damn time i need to go back home, and it’s tiring, doing this since you are 15teen kind of kills all the romance to it.

this post as no real reason to exists except for the fact that i’m trying to find some way to go back home for at least three days and that i hope i’ll manage to squeeze my driving license test in the already quite busy schedule and i really miss some quiet reading next to my grampa. 

also, knowledge organization is boring as hell. 

oh dear.

at my uni wifi doesn’t reach our lab – we use internet all the time, wtf uni?! – so we must use the lan code. like. Jurassic much? so, whatever. the point is: no tumblr, no pinterest, no twitter, no linkedin. let me spell it clearly: no s o c i a l s. my url is on tumblr, how on earth am i supposed to improve/manage it?! it’s crippling, I swear.

but this. this site works.


from rags to riches, this blog has just become my n 1 diary for when i’m in class. (i should really pay attention to my seo class. but i’d rather learn how to set up a site on wordpress.org. but i’m falling asleep too. btw, should I send that mail or shouldn’t i?)